Debattama Saha: A girl should never give up on her dreams just because of marriage

Mumbai, May 9  Actress Debattama Saha, who is seen in the show ‘Mithai’, believes that women should have the freedom to pursue their dreams and shouldn’t be limited to specific roles because of marriage.

As Debattama reveals: “I am really having a great time playing the character of Mithai as I am getting an opportunity to experience such a wide range of emotions. For a recent scene on the show, I experienced what it felt like for a woman when she realizes that she won’t be able to fulfill her dream just because of the responsibilities that will come on her shoulders after marriage.”

“I put myself in her shoes and went through what it feels like losing out on everything you dreamt about, and it was heartbreaking. Personally, I believe that all the responsibilities of marriage can be handled by a woman, while she is still attempting to achieve her goals. A girl should never give up on her dreams just because of marriage.”

She further adds: “I’m a woman who believes that everyone should be free to make their own decisions. As long as it is a decision made by the person without any interference, and if it is genuinely her wish to do something, then she can do anything in her life.”

“I am blessed to have supportive parents, who have always let me do what I feel is right and that is really empowering. I hope that all the viewers will be able to relate to Mithai’s journey, understand her values, her decisions and hopefully, get motivated to achieve their dreams,” she concludes.

‘Mithai’ airs on Zee TV.

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