New Delhi, Dec 27  Hundreds of residents of Annaba district of Panjshir province in Afghanistan took to the streets in reaction to the killing of a young man whom they claimed was shot dead by the Taliban affiliates, Khaama Press reported.

The protesters carried the dead body of the victim to the office of the provincial governor and asked for justice.

The angry protesters were chanting “Death to Taliban”, “Death to stooges of Pakistan”, and “Long live Ahmad Masoud”, the report said.

Residents of Annaba district claimed that the slain Nazir Aqa, 24, was murdered by the Taliban affiliates but the motive behind the killing is yet to be unveiled.

Provincial officials of the Taliban confirmed the killing and called it a misunderstanding.

A statement released by the Taliban officials in Panjshir province said that the suspects in the incident have been arrested.

In the meantime, affiliates of Abdul Hameed Khorasani, deputy chief of security of Panjshir province, also engaged in a fight with the protesters.

It is the first time that a relatively large demonstration was staged against the Taliban in Panjshir province, the report said.

Panjshir was the last province of Afghanistan that fell to the Taliban.

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