Chennai, March 15  Well-known costume designer, stylist and actor Sathya N.J., who wed his girlfriend T. Gokila in a temple in Coimbatore on Monday, is to release a pre-wedding cover song that the couple shot in important places of Tamil Nadu.

The stylist, who made his acting debut in the critically acclaimed sports film ‘Kanaa’, wanted to celebrate the new chapter of his life in an innovative way and therefore chose to shoot a cover song to the popular hit number ‘Adhisayam’ from director Shankar’s ‘Jeans’.

“The ‘Adhisayam’ song was shot in the seven wonders of the world. We have shot the same song in seven wonders of Tamil Nadu. I don’t want to break the suspense by revealing more details right now as the song is set to be released on the wedding reception day. I am sure this song will be enjoyed and appreciated by all,” Sathya said.

Sathya says that it took three days to film this song for which the team travelled to different parts of Tamil Nadu.

Also, Sathya and Gokila will be appearing as Hindu, Christian and Islamic couples at the wedding reception. Adhisayam song will be screened to guests during the brief breaks that are required for transitions from one look to another.

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