Mumbai, Nov 9 TV actress Chandni Sharma has been roped in for the upcoming show ‘Kaamnaa’. Essaying the lead role of ‘Akanksha’, Chandni will be paired with Abhishek Rawat who portrays the role of ‘Manav’ on the show.

The actress sheds light on her character and the concept of the show. According to her the storyline of ‘Kaamnaa’ make it different from other telly shows and it relates more with the people around us.

Chandni says: “I was really excited when ‘Kaamnaa’ came to me because unlike other daily soaps it’s not your typical ‘saas-bahu’ drama and there is no ‘vamp and victim’ as such. Definitely, it’s a very different and relatable concept. Especially when it comes to the housewives, most of the time they suppress their aspirations and the dreams of their family take over it. What they dreamt of when they were young or unmarried gets suppressed, sometimes by the family or sometimes by their own choice.”

Chandni Sharma.

The actress feels that her on-screen character ‘Akanksha’ mirrors the reality of the present generation, their hopes, and their dreams.

“‘Akanksha’ mirrors the reality of the present generation, their hopes and their dreams because in the present, everyone wants a better life. There is no limit to that, even if you own a luxury car, a bungalow, lot of property, still you want a better life. You want to take things to the next level from where you are. So, I think when people will watch ‘Kaamnaa’, they will find it very relatable as they will resonate with the characters because they are real.”

Chandni is heading towards a completely new avatar. She comments: “It often happens that after you play a character, you are always approached for similar kind of roles. It was a very thoughtful decision of taking this role of ‘Akanksha’ because this is completely different from what I have done before.”

She adds: “If you see my social media also, people have commented on my pictures where I am in ‘Akanksha’s get-up and the comments make it very clear as they are shocked and surprised to see me in this avatar especially in a saree and as a simple housewife. So, it’s really challenging as an actor and I believe as a performer one must be versatile and I think I could not have asked for anything better than this.”

She further talks about sharing screen space with Abhishek Rawat and says: “It’s been an amazing experience working with Abhishek Rawat. He’s a senior to me. But it’s wonderful to work with him because there is a lot to learn from him. There is a great level of comfort between us and because of that we enjoy doing the scenes together and it has come out really well.”

‘Kaamnaa’ will be airing soon on Sony Entertainment Television.

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