Mumbai, Nov 9  Singer Love Wadala talks about the song ‘Chal Uth Bandeya’ from the web show ‘Tabbar’ and the idea behind its composition. He says: “I read the script and frankly, I could relate to ‘Omkar’s character played by Pavan Malhotra.”

Love says: “I could feel the turbulence inside him which brought me into the zone. Ajitpal Sir wanted a powerful song that could bring out the inner struggles of ‘Omkar’. I just kept that in mind while penning it down and just went with the grooviest and the catchiest composition I could find for ‘Omkar’.”

On where he drew his inspiration from and how his brother Harman Wadala helped him to understand the concept. “To make this song, I needed to know the full arc of ‘Omkar’. So I called my brother Harman (creator/writer) who explained the whole deal. I could see that Omkar’s journey was very unique and it demanded a unique track too. I had this baseline created for the song and could feel that it was something that would get the audience excited and scream ‘Chal Uth Bandeya’ when the beat drops.”

Love says that ‘Chal Uth Bandeya’ signifies his whole life’s journey, stating: “This song is very special for me because it’s not just a song but my whole life’s journey. I struggled a lot during my graduation days in Canada. Leaving my degree in between and coming back home to pursue music was a big deal at that time. ‘Chal Uth Bandeya’ has been inside me since that time. ‘Omkar’ helped me to get it out in front of everyone. This song will motivate me throughout my career. It says, ‘Unleash the beast inside of you and let the world know who you really are’.”

On sharing his working experience he says,” I really had fun working with all the people involved and I am totally hyped for ‘Tabbar’ Season 2 now.”

The web series ‘Tabbar’, directed by Ajitpal Singh and created by Harman Wadala, is streaming on Sony LIV.

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