Cara Delevingne meets queer community at LGBT pub as she films new show

Los Angeles, April 18 ┬áModel Cara Delevingne recorded a show called ‘Planet Sex’ at one of London’s oldest and most treasured LGBT venues – the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

The visit might even have inspired the star to get into drag.

Openly bisexual Delevingne, snuck in to the venue to interview members of the queer community as part of her six-part investigation into human sexuality.

An insider reveals: “The Royal Vauxhall Tavern – affectionately known as the RVT – is famous for being very inclusive. It celebrates drag kings as well as drag queens and makes a huge effort to increase visibility for some of the most marginalised individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.”

“Cara was thrilled to visit such an iconic venue in a professional capacity and learn more about its history as she’s had a few nights out there herself in the past. Since landing the presenting gig, which is somewhat out of her comfort zone, Cara has been learning more about those who are playing with gender as part of their art and performances.

“It’s inspired her to incorporate more gender-bending elements into her own work. She might even be getting into drag herself.”

The model-actress happily posed for pictures with pub staff while filming the programme. She even took a photograph with the pub manager.

The RVT is where Princess Diana famously partied with Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in the ’80s and Cara is described on the pub’s social media pages as a “friend of the tavern”.

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