Chennai, Dec 2  Actor Arun Vijay, who is working on his next film with director Arivazhagan, pleasantly surprised his entire unit by whipping up a meal for them in the middle of a forest!

On Thursday, Arun Vijay took to social media to say, “It was fun cooking for my crew yesterday night during shoot…Thanks to the lovely family who gave their space…They are so rich and magnanimous by showing their love…It doesn’t matter who we are, what we do and what we have…It’s the kindness and love we spread to one another…God bless all these lovely souls.”

The actor told IANS, “It is true. We were shooting in the Talakonam forest that is in Andhra Pradesh and it was difficult to get food. My crew asked me if I could make them some food because they felt that the biryani that I had cooked earlier was really nice. We were looking for a place to cook, when these people kindly offered us their place.”

The entire unit, comprising of around 30 people, seem to have enjoyed the delicious meal that the actor whipped up.

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