Calvin Harris drinks raw sheep milk from his Ibiza farm

Los Angeles, July 19 Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has revealed that he drinks fresh raw milk from his own flock of sheep in Ibiza, adding that it tastes “tremendous”. 

The DJ, 38, has ditched his London lifestyle in favour of being a farmer and spoke about his country life on Roman Kemp’s Capital Breakfast show on Monday, reports

Harris explained nothing tastes better than the produce made from his flock of sheep.

He said: “We have 28 lambs that were born at the farm and there’s more to come.”

“Obviously once the lambs have had their milk, I get a little bit of raw sheep’s milk afterwards, which is tremendous. It’s great for you.”

When Roman asked if he would consider doing a programme like Clarkson’s Farm which follow’s Jeremy Clarkson’s journey as a new farmer, Calvin politely declined.

“No, there’s a lot of things that are just mine, you know?”

His 138-acre farm was where his secret romance with his fiancee Vick Hope blossomed.

Amongst the pictures of DJ sets and famous friends, Harris proudly shares snippets of his farm life with fans.

In one photo, he holds a crate of oranges with the simple caption: “Just a lad and his oranges”.

At Christmas time he also shared a photo of himself posing with two sheep.

On his grid, there is a photo of a huge tree from the estate, which is where it is rumoured he popped the question to the Radio1 DJ.

Recently Vick spoke out about her life not being as “complex” as it once was after she managed to get a hold on her work life balance.

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