‘Bigg Boss 15’: Simba Nagpal wants to play dark characters on-screen

New Delhi, Nov 26  Actor Simba Nagpal, who recently got evicted from the show �Bigg Boss 15, seems to be unaffected by his ousting as he says “this is not a daily soap where we need to create drama, I believe on reality show, one needs to be real and that is what I did on the show. I am chilled out in all situations and never take stress. I was like this.”

Simba was often criticised for just being lazy and not contributing much to the show.

On this he replies: “Well I really don’t understand what show wanted from me. They wanted me to raise issues, get into unnecessary arguments just to seek attention. I can’t be like this.”

He added on many calling his eviction unfair on social media.

“Now, when I am out and as an audience saw a few episodes, I found that most of the people inside are just making plots, even the small issue is being made big and fights. I realised this is not something I can do. So, to be frank if something unfair happened to me I am responsible for that and I can take a stand for myself if needed.”

Simba says that he never cares about what others think about him and he is just passionate about work and that the show has given him a lot of experience.

“I can’t do anything just to show off. And I have nothing like inside me that I should do this or that, to grab the eyeballs. I gave my hundred percent in all my tasks and never gave up. This is where I learnt a lot. For me, more important is to have fun and show the fire inside you in your work. Not for unnecessary arguments.”

Simba adds that he never thought of making connections inside the house as he was unable to understand the contestants.

“I can’t understand anyone inside the house. They always try to pretend what they are not. Few seem to me fake or unreal. So, I can’t make connections with any of them though I always love to make friends.”

Asked about that one thing that he is looking forward to doing now, he says: “Acting is my ultimate passion and only love. I can do as many reality shows but this is something that interests me.”

So, what kind of roles is he interested in playing?

“I want to portray dark characters on-screen because I believe one gets more opportunity to show the acting skills while doing such roles.”

Simba is looking forward to being part of �Khatron Ke Khiladi’ once.

“I really love adventurous games and this is the reason if I get a chance, I will definitely love to be part of it.”

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