Hyderabad, Feb 4  Telugu star Balakrishna’s debut as host of the most-hyped celebrity talk show ‘Unstoppable With NBK’ is winding down for its first season.

To mark the occasion, the show’s producers released a promo of an episode with Mahesh Babu, which is to be streamed on Friday, February 4, at 8 p.m.

Having a fun time with the superstar Mahesh Babu, Balakrishna asks the superstar to mouth a dialogue from any of his movies.

Mahesh Babu replies promptly: “Your dialogues cannot be repeated by anyone else. Your dialogues can only be uttered by you, sir.” The answer makes the show’s celebrity host break into a big smile.

The ‘Akhanda’ actor then recalls some naughty moments from Mahesh Babu’s childhood. “I have heard you have done some really naughty things in your childhood. Why? Why do you smile like that after doing such things?” Balakrishna asked, as Mahesh kept smiling all the way.

Mahesh Babu is then quizzed about his marriage with Namrata Sirodkar, which, at the time when it happened, a big secret. Does Mahesh Babu share revealing details of his marriage?

The promo leaves it at that. The makers of the show hint at the ‘Unstoppable’ fun the viewers are going to have watching the episode.

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