Mumbai, Jan 15  ‘Call My Agent’ actor Ayush Mehra is quite excited about the response of netizens for his Netflix reel show ‘How to Fall in Love’ with Tanya Maniktala.

Ayush plays a corporate employee during the day and a standup comedian by the night. The reel show consists of six episodes of a minute each.

He said: “I am overwhelmed and thankful for the unconditional love and appreciation all my fans have been showering since the first episode. As an actor, you always want the love and support for your work from everyone. Netizens also demanded for a Season 2 of ‘How to Fall in Love’ because of the new concept in the form of a reel show.”

Sharing his experience of working with Tanya, whom he saw in the web series ‘Flames’ and also in ‘A Suitable Boy’, Ayush described her as a “sweet” and “kind” person.

He said: “It was indeed an amazing experience. I have always been a fan of hers and I have only heard good things about her and the good work she does! She used to work with TVF and I used to work along with Dice Media and we never got a chance to even work on a sketch together and that’s why I was super excited and was looking forward to sharing screen space with Tanya.”

Their chemistry in the reel was quite liked by the fans and Ayush said they both were comfortable with one another and shared a mutual trust.

He concluded by saying: “I feel with good actors, it’s very easy to get the chemistry going because they know exactly what to do and you are also more trusting and comfortable with them.

“Chemistry is all about being comfortable with one another and from Day 1. Both of us were eager to work with each other. We had seen so much content of each other’s work in the past that there was genuine appreciation and love for each other. I think that made things easier for us.”

The reel show ‘How to Fall in Love’ is available on the social media handle of Netflix.

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