Mumbai, Dec 31  Filmmaker-writer Rohan Sippy, who has been garnering positive response for his web series, ‘Aranyak’, feels that good writing clubbed with good performances are the mainstay for the medium of OTT.

For him, both the verticals need to work in close association to extract the best out of each other and eventually shape the film or series.

He shares his observation saying: “I believe that OTT is the writer’s medium at the top, very closely aligned with the actors’. When you are getting into drama, comedy or relationship kind of a thing for your stories, then it’s really about actors who can compel you and make you sit down.”

Recollecting his experience of working with actor Pankaj Tripathi, he says: “I had the good fortune of working with Pankaj Tripathi and you can see what he brings to this medium. Be it Pankaj, Param (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) or Raveena; they all can use this medium wonderfully.”

“And of course, all the heads of departments have to work really hard because you are looking to do film quality at maybe four times the speed of films. But, writing and performance really are the heart and soul of this medium”, he concludes.

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