San Francisco, March 13 Tech giant Apple’s update to the Mac mini may not undergo any changes in size or shape for a 2023 update, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who thinks the compact Mac may stay largely the same for a while longer.

The Mac mini has not undergone any major revisions in its size or shape over a number of iterations, AppleInsider reported on Saturday.

While rumours say that there are changes on the way to the iconic design, one commentator feels that there may not be much change at all.

“I think the new Mac mini in 2023 will likely remain the same form factor design,” Kuo of TF Securities wrote on Twitter.

Kuo’s tweet practically goes against all of the rumours claiming the Mac mini will have a design refresh.

One series of claims had the Mac mini incorporating a thinner design with a metal band around the edge and a polycarbonate top.

Retaining the design style would also keep the Mac mini similar in appearance to the Mac Studio, which reuses the aluminum enclosure aesthetic and other elements it borrows from the Mac mini, it mentioned.

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