Anurag Vyas returns to TV with period drama ‘Swaraj’

Mumbai, June 18  Actor Anurag Vyas is excited to return to television with the period drama ‘Swaraj’.

The actor currently seen in Gul Khan’s series ‘Aashiqana’ says: “I’m happy to act for a period drama, I feel an actor faces a huge challenge while acting in such a show, as they need to represent a character which audiences are already aware of.”

“So, an actor’s art is always judged in such performances. Also such shows help an actor to grow. Hence I see acting in such shows as opportunities.”

Anurag, who was last seen in ‘Rakshabandhana Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal’ feels blessed to return on TV: “After my last show on TV went off air. I was planning to go back to my hometown in Rajasthan to spend some time with my family.”

“But soon I got the web series, and now another TV show. And I have to cancel my plans. But I’m happy and always wish to keep working similarly,” he concludes.

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