Ankush Bahuguna: Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line for social media influencers

Mumbai, May 9  Popular social media influencer Ankush Bahuguna, who recently appeared in a short film titled ‘Badboli Bhavna’, says it is hard to draw the line between real life and social media for people like him because their content is based on their real lives only.

In the film, he played Sankalp, the husband of a budding social media influencer and how their inter-personal relationship is affected due to the social media life where the line between personal and professional gets blurred.

Ankush told IANS: “Honestly speaking I do not know how to draw the line between real and reel life because my content is about the life I am living. It is the daily relatable content so there is always a possibility of me, oversharing things of my life.

“But this film actually showed me a mirror. Since I am playing a guy who is uncomfortable before the camera and his wife is a social media influencer who drags her husband to put social media couple goals content, I realised what I do.”

“I realised at times even I drag my friends, family members in my videos and ask them to say things, even though at times they feel out of place!” he laughed.

As a social media influencer, Ankush has around 894,000 followers on Instagram and he, like many others, is earning money as a content creator.

However, Ankush said that it is still hard to convince his parents and grandparents’ generation that digital content creation is a legit profession.

“Firstly no one looks at it as a profession so the brainstorming happens to create the content, the hard work goes behind it, no one sees that. Also, I think even though our parents somehow understand a bit of it, they still do not understand the game of monetising content. Since they have not grown up with social media, they still wonder how the money is coming from the video. They often ask who is giving salary for these videos, but they do not understand that we can earn money without having a salaried job!” Ankush pointed out.

The short film ‘Badboli Bhavna’, directed by Pranjal Dua, also featuring Apoorva Arora, is streaming on Amazon miniTV.

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