Mumbai, June 2 Comic artiste Amit Tandon’s popular television show ‘Goodnight India’ has completed 100 episodes.

Amit shared how initially he was asked to do a very limited number of episodes.

The comedian said, “We initially signed up for 102 episodes but most of the people from the industry told us comedy as a genre has not been working on a television, no show has covered period of contract in the last few years. I was mentally prepared maybe we could shoot only the half the episodes. But as we moved on, response was positive from the audience and we kept on shooting.”

Sharing how the production was asked to roll the cameras way beyond the scope of the contract — purely based on the audience response — Amit said, “To my surprise we were told to shoot extra 24 episodes beyond our contract of 102 episodes which is a fairly big thing for a new show. In the last 7-8 years in the history of television in India none of the comedy shows has reached to this fete barring The Kapil Sharma Show.”

“We were working with comedians who had never faced the camera before. Out of 100 performers that we got on our show, at least 75 of them have never been on television before, they were facing the camera for the first time ever. The challenge was way bigger for each of us taking each of them through the technicalities of shooting an episode for a show but we succeeded”, he added.

‘Goodnight India,’ airs on Sony Sab TV on their prime time for five days a week.

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