Chennai, March 14 Actress Amala Paul seems to have fond memories of her trip to Indonesia’s Pink Island in 2019.

The actress recently took to Instagram to share her pictures, shot during a trip to a country that is popularly known as the ‘Land of Thousand Islands.”

Posting pictures from her trip back then, the actress said, “Call me a beach bum and I’ll probably say ‘yes ma’am’. Throwback to my trip to Pink Island, Indonesia — 2019.

“Fun fact: Pantai Merah or simply, the pink beach Komodo Island, is one of the seven pink sand beaches across the world. What makes the sand appear pink under the sun are microscopic residents, organisms called Foraminifera.

“They produce a red pigment on the coral reefs and leave small red particles behind that blend with the white sand, forming a soft pink tint that glows beautifully and is visible from the shore, water, and viewpoints on the hills.”

The actress also posted pictures of her visit to Komodo Island in Indonesia.

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