Chennai, Nov 23  The producer of upcoming film ‘Maanaadu’ has appealed to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to consider allowing even those waiting for vaccination into theatres.

Producer Suresh Kamatchi expressed shock at the Tamil Nadu government’s recent order making vaccination a must for those visiting public places including theatres in the state.

In a letter addressed to Chief Minister Stalin, Kamatchi said that the order that only those who had taken vaccination shots would be permitted into theatres would immensely affect the film industry, which was already in a weakened state.


Stating that those without Android phones too would be coming to watch movies in theatres, the producer said that such people wouldn’t turn up to watch movies in theatres, if they were asked to bring their vaccination certificates along with them.

“If they come to theatres and are sent back, they will never return to theatres ever again,” he rued.

Pointing out that vaccination had’t been made mandatory around the world, the producer said that vaccines hadn’t even been found for those under 18. “These youngsters have been permitted to go to schools and public places,” the producer pointed out.

Just like how those under 18 were permitted, the producer pleaded with the Chief Minister to permit those looking to take vaccination in the near future too.

“I urge you to take a swift decision in this regard and save our film industry and the theatre owners,” the producer appealed to the Chief Minister.

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