Meet Afghanistan’s ‘Bruce Lee’ – Abbas Alizada – Is This Man A Reincarnation Of Bruce Lee?

Meet Abbas Alizada, 20, who looks to some extent like Bruce Lee and also lives to the skills of Bruce Lee. Is he a reincarnation of Bruce Lee? Find out more about him…

Features and photographs of the Kabul, Afghanistan, local have been posted on the Facebook page “Bruce Hazara,” flaunting his noteworthy Bruce Lee-like reverse somersaults and hand to hand fighting moves.

Alizada trusts the late consideration will help him attain more noteworthy distinction.

Afghan Bruce Lee - Abbas Alizada

Abbas Alizada was 14 when he got snared on Bruce Lee activity motion pictures.

Afghan Bruce Lee - Abbas Alizada

Combative technique legends like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee have dependably been mainstream in Afghanistan and movies are effortlessly accessible on neighborhood bazaars.

Abbas – like numerous other youthful fans – went for the moves and was quick to take in the game appropriately.

For a couple of months he prepared at a Kabul games club, however the family did not have the cash for him to proceed.

Rather, Abbas worked out at home.
Afghan Bruce Lee - Abbas Alizada

His father doesn’t have the cash to help Abbas train

Presently he has completed auxiliary school, yet his family is poor and further studies are impossible.

The circumstances got to be significantly harder after his father Mohammad Reza endured a stroke which left him mostly incapacitated.

Afghan Bruce Lee - Abbas Alizada

Anyway the family trusts Abbas can satisfy his aspirations:

“My child began with nothing when he was 14 in light of the fact that we were poor and couldn’t enlist him at a club,” Mohammad Reza says.

“I appeal to God that my child can achieve his fantasies, that he turns into the Bruce Lee of his time.”

Also Abbas Alizada is not simply great at striking postures.

Afghan Bruce Lee - Abbas Alizada

Source: BBC & Yahoo News

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