Mumbai, Nov 21 Time management in today’s time has become quite a task. Simple Kaul agrees completely because she is managing two things, her restaurant and shooting schedule for her ongoing show ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’.

“In between the shots or in the break time I make a point to talk to my partners and do my work. My time management becomes better because when one is not working, everything slows down because you are doing everything on your own. When there was a pandemic, everyone was getting up late and doing things on their own time but once you’re working, you do everything in the entire day.

“You work out, shoot, go for a walk, meet your friends as well. So the time management definitely becomes better. You use less time in relaxing, contemplating and more time in doing something constructive,” she says.

Everyone is occupied in their respective careers, but people from the entertainment industry are often heard complaining about shortage of time.

“That’s true but that’s the path we have chosen, especially when you’re doing a daily soap. I keep cribbing most of the days as well. But you have to figure out how to make time for certain things. And, if you can’t make time then you figure out whenever you get a bigger break and in between one shot to another or one project to the other you do your other work. You’ve to prioritise,” she explains.

Do you think life was pretty simple before social media came into existence? “Of course but I don’t think there’s anything bad in it. I think it’s good because today the world has become smaller. As I said I like to share my experiences with people and learn and read and see what’s happening around the world.

“It’s a source of entertainment. For older people it’s also good because I think sitting alone in the house, they don’t feel lonely. I’m especially talking about the people who are living away from their children. Even for us it’s good in the sense that helps us in more ways than one,” she concludes.

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