Actress Gayathrie Shankar’s birthday wish to mom wins hearts

Actress Gayathrie Shankar's birthday wish to mom wins hearts.

Chennai, Feb 8  A post by actress Gayathrie Shankar, who has delivered commendable performances in critically acclaimed films like ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom’, wishing her mom a happy birthday is winning hearts on the Internet.

On Tuesday, actress Gayathrie took to Instagram to wish her mother a happy birthday.

Posting pictures of a trip she had recently undertaken with her family, she wrote, “A day before our trip, at the dinner table, I was reading the horoscope section of the newspaper. Amma said, there’s travel in store and some Aquarians might meet the love of their lives. Mom and I started pulling my dad’s leg over this, who was just smiling and shaking his head like he does everytime we start acting like kids.

Actress Gayathrie Shankar’s birthday wish to mom wins hearts.

“The most anticipated thing on the itinerary for mom was to see the cherry blossoms and for me, to see the living root bridge! By the end of it though, I think the best moment was having the waterfalls to ourselves and watching rainbows form where the waterfall hit the pool of water!

“Somewhere through the trip, a very pensive mom suddenly looks at me, holds my hand and says ‘I think I found the love of my life.’ Smiles and hold(s) my hand tighter!

“To a mom that’s ready to jump into freezing cold water because that’s my idea of fun. To a mom that’s becoming a friend, Happy Birthday Amma!”

Several actresses including Aishwarya Rajesh and Samyukta Hornad complimented actress Gayathrie for the manner in which she had wished her mom.

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