Chennai, Dec 1  Director Subramaniam Siva on Tuesday called action choreographer-turned-director ‘Stunt’ Silva, an inspiration, saying that he was filled with awe, everytime he looked at Silva’s growth.

At a press meet organised by the team of ‘Chithirai Sevvaanam’, which marks the debut of ‘Stunt’ Silva as a director, Subraminam Siva disclosed that Silva had come to Chennai in 1991 with just Rs 100 in his pocket.

“That too, that Rs 100 was not his. It was borrowed from a friend called Christopher. Of the Rs 100, he had to spend Rs 85 on his ticket. So, when he arrived in Chennai, all that he had left was Rs 15. It makes me feel proud that someone who landed here with just Rs 15 has been able to accomplish such a big feat,” Siva said and added that Silva’s story would inspire and give hope to all those coming to the city with big dreams.

“Silva lost both his parents at a young age. He studied in a hostel, completed his tenth standard and then completed ITI. After that, he did not know what to do and came to Chennai, hoping that a person who stayed at the hostel with him would help him.

“Silva has worked as a nurse here. He studied nursing. He then went and learnt dance. His drive to achieve something big from a young age has taken him places. I believe those who seek shall find,” the director said.

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