Abhishek Banerjee wanted to play lawyer, so he signed up for ‘Rashmi Rocket’

Mumbai, Nov 7  Abhishek Banerjee is one actor who has made a seamless transition from OTT to films.

After bowling over audiences with his cold-blooded portrayals of his characters in ‘Paatal Lok’ and ‘Mirzapur’, he has given stellar performances in films such ‘Stree’, ‘Dream Girl’, ‘Bhonsle’, ‘Ajeeb Daastaans’, the most recent being the Taapsee Pannu-starrer ‘Rashmi Rocket’.

Playing a lawyer has been on Abhishek’s checklist for some time and ‘Rashmi Rocket’ gave him the opportunity to work on the part. The actor told IANS: “I just found lawyers very glamorous. Of course, the profession is not as glamorous as we tend to make of it. It turns out to be glamorous only when the cases are on TV. And we hear all these lawyers giving interviews and telling us about the laws and everything, but otherwise, it can be a very difficult profession to be in.”

Taking a leaf out of his diary of memories, he said: “I had seen a play called ‘Court Martial’, which is an adaptation of ‘A Few Good Men’, which I remember for Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson’s performances. Even Rajkummar Rao’s performance in ‘Shahid’ was very realistic. I love that environment of courtroom dramas. So, I was looking for such an intense courtroom drama.”

Abhishek concluded by taking IANS through the creative process: “I read the script (of ‘Rashmi Rocket’) and I couldn’t believe it. First, it was going to be a test for me to remember those lines and deliver them convincingly, and then also try to make it seem spontaneous. I did not want them to seem rehearsed, though, I believe, lawyers rehearse their lines, their cases, everything. That’s how you win a case. I found it very interesting and I enjoyed playing that part. It was like going back to the stage.”

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