Aaranya Kaandam – Tamil full movie

Plot: Singaperumal (Jackie Shroff), an ageing don who is slowly fading into insignificance is unable to perform with his young concubine Subbu (Yasmin Ponappa) and is having a tough time keeping underlings, like Pasupathy (Sampath), in check. When a drug deal comes along, Singaperumal sees a chance to fix Pasupathy, but the latter escapes. Subbu, tired of being abused and beaten up by Singaperumal for his frailty, plots her escape with Sappai (Ravi Krishna), his Man Friday. The drugs, meanwhile, land in the hands of Kalaiyan (Guru Somasundaram) and his son Kodukapuli (Master Vasanth), who view it as an end to their financial troubles. But with allegiances and plans constantly shifting, the stage is set for a bloody end.


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aranya kaandam

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