In the world where technology is constantly upgrading, there is has been an
immense growth in the way people perceive modular switches. They are no more
used to switch on or off electrical appliances. They have become an integral part
of home décor.
So what do the latest modular switches offer apart from their basic functionality?
Here are 5 qualities of modular switches that serve as reasons why should you
install them:

1. Design
With the latest modular switches, you will be presented with a myriad of
designs. Although you will still have the option of going with traditional
boxy design, there are different shapes and sizes available in the market to
suit your requirement.
2. Safety
This is one of the most important features that the modular switch
possesses. Unlike the traditional switches, these come with safety shutter
sockets that automatically close when they are not in use.
This helps in preventing electrical hazards especially if you have kids at
3. Latest Mechanism
With best quality modular switches, no hard press or effort is required to
push the switch. Additionally, installing modular switches is a very easy job.
You do not need to fuss about changing your whole switchboard in case
one of the switches stops working, which is very rare given by its quality of
longevity. For example, you can choose from sleek, elegant, bold and
vintage designs.

4. Installation
Modular switches and sockets also offer flexible installation. They can be
fixed in any alignment (up, down, or sideways). The above-mentioned
feature of modular switches allows you to easily switch the alignment even
after the primary installation.
Additionally, you do not need to replace the entire switchboard if one of
the switches becomes faulty. You can just replace the switch with ease.
5. Aesthetics
Unlike conventional switches, top electrical manufacturing companies offer
a plethora of options in colours, patterns and designs.You can opt for
classic colours such as cream, white or ivory; or go all out with yellow, blue
and red.
When it comes to finishes, there are three main categories that are in
trend: glossy, metallic and matte. With so many choices, you can definitely
find the one that suits your interiors and your choice.

Apart from these top 5 reasons, there are multiple other reasons that
favour modular switches. For example, the option of installing dimmers.
They are a must-buy if you are revamping your space or want to give your
interiors an upgrade.

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