Coming up with just a right book idea is often complicated regardless of the number of books you’ve published before. While some struggle with preparing brand-new ideas, others find it a real challenge to identify enough inspiration to maintain their writing careers. In order to commit to a process as arduous as considering the next book idea, book experts from Essay Shark prepared a list of eleven brilliant ideas to assist you in finding your next book idea. Writing prompts was a troublesome task for writers, who just published their book and hence reconfigured themselves in the direction of some new releases. 

A specially crafted list of brilliant ideas designed by professional essay writers is already here; don’t hesitate getting acquainted with it to bring some fresh ideas into your brainstorming process!

1. Change your life. Your ideas will change, respectively.

This particular idea, being one of the most frequently voiced recommendations about finding new ideas, is fully justifiable and meaningful. Just recall yourself while writing your last book. Weren’t you sitting in front of your screen for countless hours without interrupting for rest? We doubt that all of that hard work was hardly mixed with some groundbreaking and unforgettable experiences. 

What is best for you is to relief your mind for a bit and enjoy doing something that would change your life once and forever. You might take around the world tour or downshift in the Mongolian grassland. Just stop focusing merely on sitting in front of your screen and prepare to finally change something!

Unquestionably, your story ideas would be filled with numerous outstanding writing prompts. What are you waiting for? It’s the right time to recharge your batteries, at the same time, coming with some fresh ideas for your next publication.

2. Write to your close surroundings.

It mightn’t be a universal rule, but the most sincere ideas come from your closest people, namely relatives and friends. If you feel stuck in the middle of procrastination while thinking about the story ideas for the next book, just try asking them for help. Enjoying all those never-ending conversations on what is most enjoyed by your close surroundings, you’re most likely to identify the best writing prompts for your next book. One of the biggest advantages of this approach is that your friends are sincere with you. Not only you’ll know on what issues you should focus your writing but also underline the weaknesses of your writing. If you genuinely need some essay help if you’re engaged in crafting the next essay-themed publication, prepare for some brutal feedback and be sure that this environment is good for your productivity and brainstorming.

3. Music. Inspiration is right there!

Notwithstanding, all book ideas regardless of their genres and directions ground on other forms of art one way or another. While some fiction essay writers get their inspiration from real-life situations, and writing tips others contact essay writing service platforms to look for trendy ideas and subjects. 

What we recommend in the middle of the lack of ideas is to tune your mind into numerous musical pieces. It doesn’t really matter whether you’d listen to your favorite EP or Lana’s recent album, be sure to dive deep into those lyrics. Sometimes inspiration is right in front of you. Or right in your ears, if to be certain. 

Don’t miss a chance to become a change, which is best advocated by dozens of musical artists around the globe. Tune it in!

4. Record small talks and communication-based interactions.

Don’t get us wrong; we support and advocate for privacy and personal space for everybody. Yet, give this idea a try since human communication forms everything circulating in this world. So, don’t mind grabbing a small audio recorder to everywhere you go. Regardless of whether it is your beloved coffee shop or a small grocery shopping, tune your attention to what people discuss. 

Maybe even a single sentence from a complete stranger might become something that would change your writing prompts. Kindly remember that your story ideas might be profoundly enriched by listening to all those recordings you might get. Also, be sure to grab your smart recorder to your trips; nobody knows for certain whether somebody would express some extravagant narratives, which would transform your next book idea. 

So, don’t be that ashamed of making recordings; this way is amusing for the development of your own voice without even participating in all those story ideas personally!

5. Physical Limits

Jack London’s stories and his exceptional writing prompts style is among the examples of how the way of enduring the physical limits might be potent for generating some unforgettable storylines. What we strongly advise to you is to concentrate more on the vibrations of your own body. When was the last time you were put in some extreme, or even, dangerous circumstances? Have you ever taken a marathon? 

Obviously, the process of generating all those story ideas and providing essay help to graduates from the universities is resource-consuming. But all of those facilities are nothing in comparison with that physical limits of your body might show you one day. Even if you’re feeling uncomfortable to step outside your couching-theme working area, push yourself to the limit of your physical capabilities via extreme exercises or unique diets. 

Thereafter, you would genuinely realize the struggles of your fiction character, obsessed with some inhumane challenges over its body. Remember about empathy and ties with your creations? It seems that’s the right time to test them.

6. Get out of that social media services!

Indisputably, the writer’s Facebook and blog pages merger into a single portfolio or even the so-called face of your writing talents. Yeah, some of the content displayed on all those endless social media pages might be useful for you, including book presentations and related awards. But let’s be honest: most of the content represented there is just garbage; it has nothing in common with your creativity, inspiration, and bravery. 

Your story ideas and writing prompts  might become something less associated with blatancy and routine if you cut off from the social media for some time. Even if you prefer neglecting all the previous recommendations and just come up with your own brilliant ideas, don’t forget that social media would become a serious distractor. 

Basically, just assess your time beyond the conventional frames of digital presence. If your writing potential boosts both quantitatively and qualitatively, then you’re on the right track towards generating some wonderful ideas for your next book!

7. Essays. Write them regularly.

No, this is not a common recommendation from a creative writing tutor. Sometimes writing small pieces with fully abstract story ideas is better than struggling with writing a single word into the row with innovative ideas for your next book. If you barely need specialized essay help, still be sure that competent essay writing service platforms might be potent for the realization of your self-potential. Some writers even incorporate their short writings, essays, and short stories into multifaceted books by their own so that they come up with a new publication without even setting their mind on starting one! What we’ve identified from our discussion with full-time short stories and essay writers is that essay writing stands out as the first step into the world of mysteries and extravaganza. By articulating over formal and informal writing processes, you’re expected to come up with some innovative ideas on your own; go ahead, essays are waiting for you!

8. Get Drunk

As a writer, you’ve probably got acquainted with an infamous recommendation to write drunk and edit sober. Although we don’t advocate for writing while drinking alcohol, this rule seems to be working for most iconic writers. 

Hunter S. Thompson would support this quote wholeheartedly since almost all of his story ideas were generated in the middle of alcohol madness. But, don’t overestimate yourself by surrounding your work table with too many whiskey bottles. Alcohol, as one of the countless substances, might evoke some of the most unpredictable monsters in your mind. 

Don’t you want to try this at least once? Try starting with some adequate doses of wine during your pre-writing breakfasts. Maybe this would make your entire writing prompts process a bit smoother and more creative. Who knows; let’s find out! 

9. Historical perspective is the best one. Trust us!

What we emphasize in our recommendations on how to recharge one’s batteries is to dive deeper into the historical discourse. In most cases, writers struggling with the ideas for a new book are obsessed with fictional plot lines and story ideas. Why don’t they turn into the direction of real ones? 

With regards to the historical perspective, you might even try assessing your legacy by visiting the relatable archives. Basically, a sneak peek into the historical discourse was never negative for those willing to enrich their background knowledge on certain issues. So, aren’t you interested in diving deep into some historiographic research? Or maybe writing prompts based on one’s historical research is your preference? 

Either way, your ties with history wouldn’t vanish for a lifetime, meaning that you’re going to become more addicted to the data you’re seeking. These skills and knowledge, regardless of being focused on history, are decisive for crafting some brilliant story ideas and plot twists. And, you know, the history repeats itself, so don’t be too shy of analyzing historical events from the alternative perspective.

10. Dreams. They’re best for your creativity!

One of the most frequently disregarded ways to create some amusing ideas for your next book is to pay more attention to your physical well-being. Speaking of dreams, you should be more aware of how to assess your dreams accurately to withdraw some newest story ideas directly from your unconscious mind. 

While some writers are lucky enough to remember all of their dreams, others should train themselves in order to track all those tricky dreams they got over the last week. Nonetheless, even the most reputable essay writing service domains now offer explicit guidelines on how to record your dreams properly. 

Kindly check them to track the best ways on how to transform your wildest dreams into something innovative. Maybe they will bring your creativity into a brand new level; so don’t be hesitant of trying transitioning some unconscious into conscious.

11. Write more.

Some of the best ideas come while working on your book. If you’re still unsure on how to apply the narratives from the recommendations of the essay writers or essay writing service platforms, try writing more. If the feedback from your close relatives is too brutal for you to handle, you might even strive for some essay help to fulfill all those ideas into a piece of paper. In all possible circumstances, be sure that productivity equals proactivity. 

Our recommendation is to conduct more efforts in order to succeed in polishing your book writing process. Don’t be too sensitive if you’ll have to overwork while revisiting or writing prompts. Any step forward is huge progress for you, as an idea generator and a writer; so that go ahead and do your best to match your writing ambitions with your capabilities. The book ideas will emerge naturally as a result of that symbiosis.

Final Remarks

Overall, don’t be ashamed to be sincere to yourself. If you’re struggling with finding new ideas for your next book, try revisiting this page from time to time and experiment with some of the unveiled ideas. If you’re hesitating about getting drunk, some audio recording facilities could be enlightening for your brand-new story ideas. 

So, if you feel comfortable to comply with one of our specialized recommendations for writers, go ahead and contest yourself. Just remember that creativity is an abstract concept, which simultaneously requires dedication and hard work. If you’re still willing to re-invent your writing style, coupled with new ideas for your next book, try our recommendations now. We bet that after reading you unquestionably came up with a new idea. Didn’t you?

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