The globalization of the world and the necessity for IT technology have created phenomenal challenges and opportunities in the IT sector. Since we live in unprecedented times, there is a need for managing, controlling, and sustaining networks and systems for better operations in any company.

There is an opportunity to get all the skills required for the successful performance of your tasks if they are connected to all these processes by getting certified. There are a lot of certification vendors that offer you to pass certain exams to obtain different badges that will verify your new knowledge. And, in this case, your best choice will be the renewed CCNA certification path that Cisco rereleased recently. This certificate requires that you take only one test that will help you discover this potential and make your career a step further.

In this post, we will pay more attention to the details of the Cisco 200-301 exam so that you know where to start and what to do if you want to pass it with flying colours.

What is Cisco 200-301?

200-301 CCNA is a 120-minute exam, which gives you the perfect level of knowledge for the Associate level. The test focuses on network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, programmability, and automation. The skills you get after learning all the exam topics prepare you for administering and implementing these solutions for a successful working process.

If you look at the list of exam objectives, you will see the following:

  • Automation and Programmability (10%);
  • IP Connectivity (25%);
  • Security Fundamentals (15%);
  • Network Fundamentals (20%);
  • IP Services (10%);
  • Network Access (20%).

As you can see, each domain has its own percentage of the whole exam content to inform you about the approximate number of questions that you can expect during your Cisco 200-301. The overall number of questions will be about 100, so you can figure out how many of them will occur in each section.

What are top 10 study tips for Cisco 200-301?

Before preparing for this certification exam, you need to set a date and reserve your seat. You can choose it according to the number of preparation days that you need and your days-off. What else should you do before taking this Cisco test? Let’s take a closer look.

1.Review your course

One of the first steps that will help you prepare for Cisco 200-301 is to explore the exam content. The topics and their subtopics require a detailed review so that you can easily navigate through the domains. Furthermore, skimming the content will also assist you in determining your course of action.

2.Focus on your strength

The key to acing the 200-301 CCNA exam lies in realizing what your strong areas are and using them to your advantage. Identifying your weaknesses and strengths will help you give enough time to cover the concepts with due diligence. It will also help you get better knowledge regarding the topic areas and can ease up your efforts in working for your weak spots.

3.Make a daily routine

Organizing your priorities and making a daily routine to go through the course is essential. If you maintain discipline throughout your preparation time, you will be able to come out with better skills and grasp all the concepts. An organized daily routine also gives you the chance to revisit the topics at the end and help you memorize them.

5.Join a study group

Study groups are beneficial for your preparation process. They allow you to share essential knowledge that you may or may not have gained. With this, you can properly assess your shortcomings and avoid future failures. You can also ask questions and get useful tips from other learners to get a better understanding of the underlying concepts.

5.Ask out for a study buddy

Preparing for any exam alone always gets the best of you, but it comes with a little slacking at times. You can ask out for a pal of yours to study with. If you have any friends who are also applying for the CCNA certification and are at the same level as you, it will be the perfect chance to combine your efforts. Ask them to join you so that you can study effectively. You will be able to share ideas and work out on problems together to save your time in preparation. This is indeed an essential technique that can enhance your learning capabilities.

6.Check out exam dumps

Another way of easing up your prep process is to access sites that offer exam questions with real answers. Braindumps are a collection of questions that have appeared in the tests of other candidates. Multiple websites can guarantee you authentic exam dumps, which will give you an insight into the types of questions and the right answers. They can also help you prepare mentally and grasp the idea of how to take the actual certification test.

7.Practice with a virtual lab

The best way to test your skills is to actively practice in a virtual lab environment. Many sites offer this kind of prep tools. Opting for one can improve your understanding of the concepts and increase your chances of acing the Cisco 200-301 exam. A virtual lab will allow you to access exercises and, without the requirement of physical equipment, you can make your theory into practice.

8.Take the official training course

Cisco offers a variety of study materials that you can access for your preparation. As for the 200-301 test, you can take the official course, Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA), that will help you explore the entire exam content.

9.Review the material studied


After you have completed your study plan, you may need to revisit your course and figure out if there were any shortcomings on your behalf. Revision is necessary and important to know what areas still need your attention.

10.Take a deep breath

Lastly, you need to make sure that you have given yourself enough time to sleep and rest before the exam day. It is necessary to go to bed early and not learn anything to give your brain a pause. Come to the testing center 10-15 minutes earlier so you can take a deep breath and make yourself comfortable. Don’t forget all your belongings and required ID.


Although it is an associate-level certification test, Cisco 200-301 can be difficult to pass for some candidates. It all depends on their level of knowledge and skills, so it is better to prepare for it with great deliberation. With all the recommendations we gave you above, you will be able to successfully ace this exam and get your CCNA certificate.

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